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Hyper - C- A hyper-concentrated frictionless detergent designed as a pre-wash in automated car washes. Has worked well in Chicago winters at 120:1! (Just over 1/2 the price of national companies with similar products!)  [click here More details]

Omega Car Wash- A unique blend of seven ingredients, this is a very versatile, all-purpose cleaner. Used straight it is an unsurpassed degreaser. Diluted, it is a great car wash, boat wash and general cleaner. Won't hurt any surface but may require brushing in low-pressure application. Remarkably well priced!   [click here More details]

Two-Step Car Washing System - The Two-Step process unleashes the chemical power of the strong reaction of acid to alkali to clean vehicles in a more effective way than had ever been possible before by putting the energy into the cleaning equation chemically, rather than mechanically.   
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