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 Omega Chemical had its origin as Budget Mobile Truck Wash in 1986. With a $100 investment in garden hose, brushes, sponges, soap, a hand-made sign, the promise of 10% to a truck-stop operator and, above all, the determination to succeed, Budget Mobile Truck Wash began operating in St. John, Indiana out of the trunk of a 1980 Dodge Diplomat. We quickly learned that the mediocre chemicals on the market were our greatest limiting factor and their high cost a consistent threat to our bottom line. Eventually, we began to blend our own products strictly for our own use. It wasnít long before word was out that our brightener and truck wash were clearly superior anything in the Chicago market. We began selling chemicals to local truck washers under the "BMTW Chemical" label, blending our chemicals in leased space in a Chicago plant. The superiority of our products was due to their method of inception: the only factor for us was what would work, not what would market! ( It didnít hurt either that the designer was also the end-user.)

  We then dedicated ourselves to obtaining the greatest possible chemical expertise in order to be able to continually improve our original products and add to our product line. Numerous consultations with talented chemists over a number of years helped give our research and development a vital edge and a bold direction. After several years of pressure-washing and blending, it became clear to us that we had a marketing potential in our chemicals that demanded our full time attention. By then we had moved into an industrial cleaning operation in the steel mills, far exceeding the demands of truck fleet-washing and giving rise to some incredibly powerful new products. All these years, we benefitted enormously from a field-testing potential unknown to any other manufacturer of pressure-washing chemicals. This proved to be an enormous asset, providing us with a substantial edge over our competition. In 1995 we sold the mobile wash operation and began to concentrate on chemical manufacturing full time.

  Over 70% of those trying our chemicals become our customers. For many, our products represent a quantum leap in quality, results and economy. We are the only chemical company that we know of that has learned about pressure washing at the end of a wand with mud or snow up to our ankles, not in sales meetings. Having washed hundreds of thousands of units, we come to you with solutions and experience, not salesmanship. If you are tired of second-rate, overpriced chemicals, you may need to take the next step in productivity, efficiency and economy. Omega Chemical is a company you should to get to know.

Jerry D. Kaifetz, Ph.D.
Owner,  Omega Chemical