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  "Your chemicals have been a big part of our success. I like the Safe-T-Brite a lot because it takes the worry out of having my guys around so much Hydrofluoric, and it has never been any kind of compromise for us as far as effectiveness or economy. Your No. 2 Truck Wash is one of my trade secrets!"
    -- N. Pina, Owner , Power Wash Services, E. Chicago, IN

"The Econobrite Plus has been a big step us for us company wide. It goes fifty percent farther at the same price as what we were using before. The results are impressive." 
     -- Kurt M., mgr. of a large volume 24/7 Truck Wash in the Chicago area.

"Jerry, there are two things I never want to see change: my Mama’s pasta sauce & your No. 2 Truck Wash!"  
     -- Tony S., mgr. of the largest mobile wash in Chicago (20+ trucks)

"We are very pleased to have discovered your Econobrite Plus Brightener. I can’t imagine ever going back to any of the old brighteners we used to use. The Pro White Truck Wash is working out very well also."  
     --Doug G., Owner, 24/7 truck wash near Cincinnati

"Jerry, you are the best in the business: excellent products, excellent service. You are a big part of our reputation in the Los Angeles area."  
    --Pete K., owner of a major L.A. truck wash & distributor of pressure washing products.

     "Your AB-55 Brightener is awesome! My competition would love to know where I get it. It makes the stuff available around here look like junk."  
    --Bud V., mobile wash owner, Michigan

"You are the only guy I know in the chemical business I know I can trust."
    -- Gary C., Wholesale Parts, Memphis TN

"I have been in the truck washing business a lot of years and I have never seen any company come up with a Truck Wash that takes the yellow stain off like your No. 2 Truck Wash. This is the best liquid detergent we have ever used. If I hadn't seen it work, I wouldn't have believed it! "  
    -- Johnny W., Mobile Wash Owner, Arkansas

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