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Marine Products

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Marine Oxidation & Streak Remover - Removes the toughest streaks & stains from fiberglass boat hulls. One of 3 marine cleaners.  

E-Z Glow Polymer Gloss - Waxing is for the uninformed. Shine a 30 ft. hull to a hard-shell high gloss in 30 minutes. Lasts all season.    [click here More details ]

Boat Wash - This is a premium, alkaline blend of seven ingredients and no fillers designed for maintenance boat washing. It should be diluted like a good car wash product and brushed on decks with a soft brush. Used straight it will not damage fiberglass, but may stain raw or oiled teak and will remove wax. This product will be a welcome asset to any boater who wants good results, ease of use and good economy. It will remove much accumulated stain or dirt, but is not primarily a commissioning or seasonal type cleaner, but rather a maintenance product.  

Marine Aluminum Brightener - Omega Marine Aluminum Brightener is a concentrated, acid-based cleaner designed to make unimaginably quick work of the most corroded aluminum imaginable. Spray on, hose off, occasionally with light brushing, and you are done! Easily clean a forty foot mast to a satin finish in about twenty minutes. Pontoon boaters will fall in love with MAB at first use. We guarantee it! You'll wonder how you ever cleaned aluminum before.
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