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Products:  CAR WASH

Products:  MARINE
Marine Products

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Concrete Floor Cleaner - A very widely used product that turns color with water and cleans garage and shop floors very effectively & economically.  Comes in 100# kegs.

Powdered Laundry Detergent - A very good quality blend of laundry detergent comparable to brand names. Contains no scents, additives or artificial color. Comes in 100# kegs.

Commercial Laundry Detergent - A commercial version of our powdered laundry soap for industrial and institutional use.   Comes in 100# kegs.

Chelated Alkali - A highly effective chelated, caustic  solution for the beverage industry.

Alkali Stripper - A cost effective stripper for wooden decks and other applications with an alkaline base.  Contains NO Methylene Chloride.  Used by the largest deck restoration company in the US.

Deck-Cleaner Concentrate - A concentrated product that must truly be used to be believed.  Restores the most weathered deck to a "new wood" appearance instantly.  Spray on, pressure off, and the deck is not just clean, but completely de-oxidized.  Will exceed any customer's expectations and build a reputation in a hurry. One gallon makes up to five gallons  (Lime application recommended around vegetation)

Pool Products - Many people have eliminated the use of chlorine in their pool because of the toxic effects. We have the generic version of the traditional chlorine substitute available for about half the price charged in pool stores. This is a special order item sold in bulk only, but can save commercial pool managers and some homeowners hundreds of dollars in a season. We also have chlorine bleach in 55 gallon drums at an extremely good price.

Custom Blending - Omega Chemical has the full capacity for custom blending. We can work with you in developing any cleaning product, whether liquid or powder. We have at our disposal a fully equipped lab with a professional chemist and the willingness and resources to custom blend a product to meet your most particular needs and highest professional standard.

In many cases, we offer this service at no charge, providing that your usage level allows us to recuperate our development costs over a reasonable period of time. We have had notable success in the past in working with our clients in this area of new product development. In a good percentage of these efforts, the new product has even surpassed the expectations of our clients, some times by a very wide margin. Please contact us directly by phone if you feel that you have a need for a custom-blended product.